What does it cost to get your site “looked after”?

roughly a beer a week (depending where you drink)


Year 1
1st 12 Months

At the start of your contract with the Webcaretakers we will install a number of plugins to your site and configure them. Some of these will be “Premium” plugins and so are not free. We will also undertake an audit of your site which may have some recommendations for changes. This may include changing elements of your WordPress setup which are no longer supported. Rather than charge an initail setup fee we prefer to spread the additional costs over the first year.

£40 or 48€ /month Paid a Year in Advance

Year 2
2nd 12 Months

Having already worked with your WordPress website for a year everything should be running smoothly.  We will still have to maintain your site and tweak settings now and again to protect against more unscrupulous internet users. From here on in our investment is in our time rather than “Premium” plugins.  Periodically we will make some recommendations if your chosen theme or plugins become unsupported or present a vulnerablity to security.

£35/month (42€) Paid monthly or annually

Year 3+
Subsequent Years

We have been working with WordPress for a number of years and our experience tells us that looking after a site takes about an hour a month. Some of that time is actually updating things and some is reading about current trends and threats. If your website does not require any updates then it will mean that none of your plugins or themes are being developed. This could present some major threats to the security of your WordPress website.

£30/month (36€) Paid monthly or annually

How it Works

You get in touch

Drop us a line with your contact details and your website address with a short description of your site.

We get back to you

We will have a look at your site and then have a chat with you to agree the best way to proceed.


You decide how to pay and the Webcaretakers start looking after your site. You will get an audit of your site with any recommendations for changes.

Your site is taken care of

Your website is now in safe hands and you can take care of what you do best.

“If security were all that mattered, computers would never be turned on, let alone hooked into a network with literally millions of potential intruders”
~ Dan Farmer
"If you spend more on coffee than on IT security, you will be hacked. What’s more, you deserve to be hacked."
Richard Clarke
~ Richard Clarke

What is it worth to you?

The Webcaretakers can look after the technical aspects of your website allowing you to concentrate on doing business and creating content.

If there is anything else you need then let us know.


Use the contact form to get in touch with any questions or concerns

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